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Urea Injection Solution

To ensure in good time that future emissions standards will be complied with, R&D activities in the field of large diesel engines are increasingly focusing on the reduction of nitrates in engine emissions. Here, the use of aqueous urea solutions as a means of exhaust aftertreatment is playing a fundamental role. With L‘ONOX – the new injection system for aqueous urea solutions – Woodward L’Orange is making a major contribution to achieving compliance with the emissions standards of the future.

Whether you are injecting fuel into a large engine, or an aqueous urea solution into a Selective Catalytic Reduction system, the demands are pretty much the same:  you need robust design and the highest precision in injection and atomization. So the immense expertise of Woodward L’Orange in ultra-modern and innovative fuel injection technology for large diesel engines now stands available for exhaust aftertreatment systems too. The new L’ONOX injection system for SCR convertors offers modular flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of engines, a simple system architecture, and precise urea atomization without the need for additional compressed air.

The supply unit comprises a double membrane pump with integrated heating and sensors and is powered by a brushless electric motor. The supply unit sucks the aqueous urea solution out of a tank that is positioned up to 3 m below. The aqueous urea solution is then drawn at 10 bar operating pressure into the injection units which are arranged up to 10 m higher.

Depending on the engine operating point and based on the values measured by the integrated pressure and temperature sensors, the optimum quantity of aqueous urea solution is calculated, metered, and injected into the exhaust tract.

When ambient temperatures are low, the heater elements installed within the injection system components prevent it from freezing. In the event of longer standstill periods, the injection system is also equipped with an additional self-protection mechanism against freezing. Another option offered to Woodward L’Orange customers is the opportunity to have their L’ONOX products overhauled in the renowned remanufacturing process.

Customer benefits

  • Liquid only – no further lines or ducts required
  • Simple system architecture through reduced number of components
  • Series-produced scalable injection systems available for large engines
  • Customer-specific design with adjustment of injection volume and spray pattern
  • Injection frequency: 1 Hz – 5Hz
  • Smart heating strategies possible through targeted arrangement of temperature sensors in the injection system
  • CAN bus interface to ECU



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