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Test Stands

Woodward L'Orange developed a manual test stand that is designed for assembly and testing of precision components such as injection pumps and safety valves, requiring special care.

It combines assembly device, test stand and booster in a single unit and is ideally suited for servicing fuel injection valves of medium-class diesel engines.

This means that users can carry out the servicing work in the most efficient manner possible, with special value being attached to a perfect function as well as to an easy and clean handling. The Woodward L'Orange GXO-G010a/GXO-G011a assembly and test stand is the evolution of the known GUO and GXO series. The significant innovation is the adaptation of the unit to the requirements of modern injection systems, that work with significantly higher nozzle opening pressures. Therefore, the booster was implemented into the unit as a standard. According to common testing methods, the fuel injection valves weighing up to 85 kg are adjusted in a testing device and tested on their function.

Our design offers the following advantages: disassembly, cleaning, assembling and testing are possible in one tightening. The valve can be rotated 360°. To fulfil the safety requirements, the device is retained every 22.5°. Thus, all operations can be executed in an ergonomic position. The pressure gauge (160 mm ø) is arranged in a way that it can be observed simultaneously with the spray pattern during a function test. All safety-related, high pressure components, the very efficient high-pressure test pump, booster and test oil tank (with a capacity of 2l) with its matching, exchangeable fine filter are positioned safely inside the unit. The integration of an evacuation to the spray container, made of Plexiglas, reduces workplace exposure to testing agents and safely eliminates risk of explosion. At the same time, it optimises observation of the nozzle holes and fuel jets.

New features at a glance:

  • Switch-over booster, between pressure wave generation and opening pressure testing
  • Pressure release/safety valve opens at 900 bar
  • Pressure relief lever
  • Booster, tank and filter in one unit
  • Evacuation of oil vapour
  • Assembly of clamping brackets GUO/GXO without modification

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