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Our spectrum of requirements

Woodward L'Orange has a yearly procurement volume for production materials of ca. 50 million Euro. If as a supplier you are interested in contacting Woodward L'Orange Purchasing, you can begin by finding out more about our procurement spectrum here.

  • Commodity group


  • Steel

    Mainly case-hardening, nitriding, heat-treatable, ball-bearing and high-speed steels as per L’Orange norms

  • Forging

    Drop forged parts, 2-30 kg unit weight, steels as per L’Orange norms, machined and unmachined

  • Cast parts

    Sand cast components from spheroidal graphite iron, 2 – 120 kg unit weight, machined and unmachined Investment casting, 0.2 – 2 kg unit weight, machined and unmachined

  • Mechanical processing

    Materials: All grades of steel, partly also forged/investment cast blanks, cast blanks, carbide metal, steel tubes
    Production processes: Turning, milling, cylindrical grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, deep-hole drilling, lapping, honing, hard turning, manual deburring, ECM deburring
    Heat treatments: Case-hardening , inductive hardening, quenching and tempering, nitriding, austempering, Tenifer treatment
    Surface treatments: Phosphatising Generally high requirements on surface, form and position tolerances

  • Electromagnets

  • Springs

    Mainly pressure springs, 2 to 12 mm wire diameter

  • Sealings

    Of various sizes and functions

  • Cables

    Assembled cables, mounted with plug connections

  • Bearings

    Slide bearings, cylinder roller bearings, various other bearings

  • Filters/Sieves

  • DIN/standard parts

    Screws, nuts, threaded pins, retaining rings, sealing rings, disks, spiral pins, spring-lock washers, cylinder pins, sealing plugs, screw connections, stamps

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