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The supplier portal

SNC stands for Supplier Network Collaboration and is the internet-based working interface for all Woodward L'Orange suppliers. It makes all relevant information available in real time on a common platform for use and processing.

SNC – an overview

We link our top-selling suppliers directly with our IT systems via a web-based supplier portal based on the SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC). All relevant information is thus available on a common platform in real time. Orders can be confirmed at the push of a button and deliveries announced so that there is always absolute transparency on delivery status.

For applicable materials, we transfer planning responsibility to our suppliers in the context of a “Supplier Managed Inventory” program. This enables suppliers, based on current inventory and requirement figures, to ensure replenishment as well as optimal production planning on their part – with significant benefits on both sides.

The functions of the SNC

Orders via the supplier portal

  • Transmission of orders onto an internet server
  • Automatic e-mail notification for new orders
  • Display, printing and downloading of orders
  • Overview of open order status
  • Delivery notification with packaging structure
  • Applying packing instructions for preparing dispatching notifications
  • Printing VDA labels and delivery slips

SMI – Supplier Managed Inventory

  • Definition and display of gross requirements and consignment stocks
  • Forwarding of MIN and MAX stocks
  • Production planning tool to ensure materials availability
  • Dispatching notification/documents as for the delivery process
  • Alarm function, e.g. should minimum stock levels be reached

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