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Technology and sustainability

Production process and production-integrated measuring technology is clearly reflected in our attention to quality. The most diverse workflows are dovetailed and consistently enhanced.

This is most evident in parts production and with our correspondingly high-precision measuring technology – where component tolerances in the micrometer range are absolutely feasible. These are secured using state-of-the-art, multi-coordinate measuring systems, such as 3D coordinate measuring devices, shape measurement systems, white-light interferometers, computertomographs, as well as flow and automatic function test benches. Automatic data acquisition and documentation of critical features are standard with us – sometimes even integrated in the production process.

By means of an automated process, we also conduct a purity analysis of our components in terms of metallic and non-metallic particles. Among other things, the number, size and type of particles are studied in detail. In this context, we also analyze all media used in the manufacturing process and examine them for contamination, as well as concentration, conductivity and pH values. We also evaluate oil viscosities and identify bacteria or fungi in cooling lubricants.

In addition to purity and media analyses, we use our high-precision measuring systems for continuous production monitoring, production releases and for special investigations.

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