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An internship, on-the-job training and a co-operative education at Woodward L'Orange:
The key to getting ahead!

If, during your studies, you’re wondering what steps to take to enter the working world, you should be thinking about an internship or on-the-job training at Woodward L'Orange! This is where you will find the offers and the structures optimally set up to support committed entry-level professionals. Of course this also applies to those of you who are interested in a co-operative education, or who as a graduate would like to acquire practical experience for their final degree. Interns as well can count on being given interesting, active and forward-looking involvement in our operations.

Take advantage of our training expertise, and of our performance-oriented and responsible mix of challenge and high standards, which will offer you the best possible entry into your chosen career path.

Here you can find out much more about opportunities offered at Woodward L'Orange.

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