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Woodward L'Orange has been at the forefront of injection technology for over 80 years.

Our company has been fulfilling this high standard of performance since it was founded by Rudolf L'Orange in 1933. Throughout its evolution and still today, the company has been setting milestones in engine development and will continue to set the standards in injection technology.

In the future, developments and innovations from Woodward L'Orange will continue to drive the entire sector with regards to quality, service life, fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

  • 1909

    Pioneer Prosper L'Orange invents the precombustion chamber principle for diesel engines

  • 1933

    On September 9, Rudolf L'Orange founds the Gebrüder L'Orange Motorzubehör GmbH

  • 1944

    Patent registration of the “Zweimengendüse” for turbojet engines

  • 1950

    Rudolf L'Orange files the unit injector for patent

  • 1962

    Move to the new headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

  • 1964

    Inauguration of the new production facilities in Glatten near Freudenstadt, still in operation today

  • 1965

    Development of in-line and V pumps for large diesel engines 

  • 1970

    Inauguration of the Service Center in Rellingen near Hamburg 

  • 1973

    L'Orange files the monoblock pump for heavy fuel oil injection systems for patent 

  • 1977

    Production begins for the monoblock pump elements in L'Orange injection systems 

  • 1979

    ITT Automotive purchases all company shares from the L'Orange family 

  • 1985

    MTU München purchases all L'Orange company shares 

  • 1988

    Opening of the new production facility in Wolfratshausen near Munich 

  • 1995

    MTU Friedrichshafen purchases all L'Orange company shares 

  • 1997

    First electronic common-rail injection system for large diesel engines worldwide 

  • 2001

    Common-rail injection systems for heavy fuel oil go into series production 

  • 2006

    L'Orange becomes a member of the Tognum Group 

  • 2007

    2nd generation of the common-rail injection systems for large diesel engines enters series production 

  • 2009

    L'Orange Fuel Injection Trading (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. is founded in China 

  • 2013

     L'Orange Fuel Injection (Ningbo) Co, Ltd. is founded in China

  • 2014

    L'Orange becomes member of the Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.

  • 2016

    Fluid Mechanics LLC is founded in the USA

  • 2018

    Woodward purchases all L'Orange company shares 

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