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Anti-Sticking Pump Elements

Up to 10 times longer running times with the new anti-sticking pump elements

Our customers’ needs are in the foreground of every development we take on – and our new generation of anti-sticking pump elements is a perfect example. Deposits in the barrel often lead to the plunger sticking. This is most often the result of an incompatibility between the fuel and lubricating oil, i.e. low total base number values, and/ or an incompatibility between different fuels.

With the new anti-sticking solution from Woodward L’Orange, we have succeeded in reducing the formation of deposits – therefore reducing the risk of sticking. Key benefits include increased time before overhaul (TBO) and reduced engine downtime which result in a 4- to 10-fold increase in length of performance. What makes this possible is the combination of an innovative coating together with targeted design optimizations. The hydraulic properties of  the anti-sticking pump elements correspond exactly to those of the previous series pumps.

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