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TURBOL’UTION: Turbocharger by Woodward L'Orange

Enhancing engine performance with Turbocharger solutions from Woodward L'Orange

Woodward L'Orange, as a pioneer in state-of-the-art injection technology, stands for innovative strength, knowledge and experience. We realize, however, that we will only achieve technological leadership if we remain proactive – in terms of both our business operations and our technology. This is why we place a very strong focus on research and development. One outstanding example of this is our turbocharger solution.

More power, less fuel, less emissions: The cutting-edge Turbocharger solution 

The power and character of an internal combustion engine is essentially determined by adding turbocharging. A turbocharger compresses the air so that more air flows into the combustion chamber. In this way, more fuel is burned and the engine's power output increases accordingly. The turbocharger is driven by exhaust gas, which makes turbocharged engines very efficient.

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