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Our purchasing policy

The corporate success of the Woodward L'Orange company greatly depends on the service capabilities and efficiency of our suppliers, who make a significant contribution to our high product quality and ultimately to our customers’ satisfaction. The development of new ideas, cost awareness and high quality together create the platform for a productive and satisfying partnership between customer and suppliers.

This is why the following supplier attributes are so important to us:

Adherence to schedules and deadlines
High flexibility, reliability and well-rounded expertise in solving problems.

Responsibility for costs
An important aspect of our cost estimating is transparent pricing from our suppliers.

Responsibility for quality
Your quality assurance philosophy is based on the principles of a “Zero Defect Strategy” and ongoing improvement in costs, quality, delivery and service. You work with an up-to-date, efficient quality management system. Certification according to ISO 9001 is a requisite for collaboration.

Environmental protection
Compliance with valid legislations and legal provisions is a minimum requirement for our suppliers. Certification according to ISO 14001 is desirable.

We expect supply market partners who, with their creativity and innovative ability, support us in strengthening our technological leadership. This is why you deploy instruments such as value analyses, standardisation and technical complexity reduction. We expect a high level of initiative and a proactive stance from our partners. Kanban, JIT, consignment stock or EDI should be a given in your organisation. We integrate our strategic suppliers in our supply chain via a supply portal (SNC – Supplier Network Collaboration).

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