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Woodward L'Orange expertise: Taking on challenges with a system

To be in the position to continuously develop new injection systems and to optimise them for series production, we go through many process steps for which we pull in the right specialists with multi-faceted and varied areas of expertise.

Over recent years, the main challenge to engine manufacturers has been to meet the variety of exhaust emission legislation. The main demands placed on injection systems are therefore lower exhaust emissions and reduced fuel consumption, increased service life and lower noise emission, all of which are supported by state-of-the-art solutions from Woodward L'Orange.

Understanding our customers’ quickly changing needs.

Our products, solutions and services are tailored to meet the requirements of customers in the international off-highway engine industry. For decades, Woodward L'Orange has controlled the entire process chain from idea to serial production, making it the trigger for innumerable product innovations. Customers can make use of the entire process chain, or they can utilise particular parts of it and request exactly the combination of services required to solve their specific problem. The dovetailing of all functions combined with proximity to the customer worldwide guarantees efficient operation and top quality.

Technical development at Woodward L'Orange covers the full range from an initial idea to the construction of a prototype, measuring technology and testing. Pre-development with highly realistic simulation plays a key role here. To get to know and to be able to assess the characteristics of the design without actually having to construct the component, modern, three-dimensional CAD tools, special simulation programs and specialist expertise are required. Unambiguous computer simulation is already possible for virtually all load situations.

This enables us to guarantee fast, cost-effective and high-quality realisation of a project, within the meaning of simultaneous engineering. Close cooperation with analysis and simulation working with finite element analysis, hydraulic and 3D flow simulation and engine dynamics ensures optimum product layout and design. Intensive coordination between suppliers and our production departments ensures that the step from pilot model to production can be completed faster and faster.

At Woodward L'Orange, the test is directly linked to the design and checks that the system is meeting its performance specifications. Test benches specially designed and produced for injection systems are used to study the functions of the system; initial endurance runs guard against premature failure or wear. In addition, the system is validated on a test engine directly at the customer's premises.

The customer simultaneously develops the new combustion process, determined to a key extent by the injection system, and then applies it to an engine for trials in the field. A project management system based on quality gates guarantees that projects progress in the ideal manner.

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