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Quality Management

For over 80 years, quality has been our standard as to how technological possibilities are capitalized on to the greatest extent possible and taken forward step by step. And always with the ultimate goal of selecting, testing and processing materials to ensure that our injection technology sets new standards and exceeds even the most stringent requirements.


Such a quality standard can only be developed and maintained when the strictest criteria are used to evaluate products and processes. All our products go through thorough functional testing prior to their being delivered to our customers. To measure the most minute manufacturing tolerances, we work with all established measuring technologies such as 3D coordinate, form, surface and contour measuring technology.


And of course, at Woodward L’Orange, quality optimization according to ongoing certification according to current EN ISO 9001 standards is a given.


More information is available here:

L'Orange Supplier Guidelines for Quality Assurance for Purchased Parts

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