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At Woodward L’Orange, robot-supported production is a key part of many manufacturing steps. For instance, in the manufacturing of injector casings for the 4000 series, two Elha machine modules are linked with robots. The system comprises 2 x 60 tool positions and a mechanical drill breakage detector with Artis section force monitoring. What is unique about this is that, per machine, two spindles are deployed to ensure interruption-free operation without tool change times. The throughput time is cut in half – every eight minutes a component part is produced, in spite of the fact that the production time for the entire part is 16 minutes. A deburring step is also integrated in the process via the robots.

Another customer benefit resulting from the use of robotics:
Loading and unloading with practically zero machine waiting time creates “continuous flow production” for shorter throughput times, and thus improved levels of delivery service.

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